1st time is a charm. 5k Champion. Run Against Cancer 2018

Run Against Cancer 2018
5k. Time: 20mins 26secs (4.4km)
August 26, 2018
UP Amphitheater, Diliman

Running for a cause is hitting 2 birds with one stone. And this time, It was my very first time to bagged 1st place for any distance that I joined.

Last stretch of the race



With the gang


Mamaw pacers

I am grateful to Eug and these guys to push me to my limits. I was usually grasping for air and running my all while they jog and paced me all throughout. Man, I was a snail running with these guys. 🙂


‘Til the next race.

Maxicare Run 2018

Distance: 5k
Time: 25 mins, 23 secs
Date: July 8, 2018

2018-07-10_172136786464_637477613298496_8806629663611813888_o (2)

‘Til the next race!

Hewlett-Packard Run 10k

10k @ 49 mins, 2 seconds
HPE Run – Bonifacio Global City
September 18, 2016

Nice to join our company event. 🙂


Live.Run.Smile 10k

10k @ 48mins, 3secs
September 4, 2016


’til the next race…


Hey! I’m back… The goal is simple– to beat current PR’s, leaner, healthier and STRONGER than the old version!!!

Current FFS— 10k @ 46:16
Current PR— 10k @ 44:06


Patience counts!

Hey there! Yeah, I know… it has been three quarters (since my last post) and it’s only now that I found the time to write updates on what has happened in my running life. Seeing that I’m still on the road to regaining my running prowess (ehem) while improving whatever’s left of my speed and endurance, let’s call this an installment to my bounce back year anecdote.  Shall we?

Well, the past months have been about labor. I started doing my old routines though not as intensive as I would wish, or how it was before. My goal this year is to beat my current 5k and 10k PRs, so my training revolves on these two distances. That being said, I daringly ran a few short distance trial races, and here’s a quick recap…

World Vision Run 06/22, 5k at 24:55 (5.8km)
This was my first running event for the year. The funny thing about this race was I got lost, though I still somehow managed to get back on track. My Garmin registered at 5.8km. Kath, on the other hand, finished 3rd place in the women’s category and was also awarded as Celebrity Mom (and got her freebies as my consolation :P).

kath world vision5k 3rd place women at 27:21

energen celebAnd her Celebrity Mom award, with Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and Coach Rio 

Energen Run 07/20, 5k at 22:36 (5.2km)
After a month, I have to test my 5k again. I was able to hit sub 22min at 5km mark on my Garmin. It was a great event I thought. But then, Kath got her 4th podium finish and bagged her first 1st place in the women’s division, and so I mused great was an understatement 🙂

energen kath awardKath being awarded as fastest 5k female finisher at 27:49

energen bryWith Ms Mars and some veteran runners

Magdalo Run 07/26, 10k at 49:31
This was my 1st attempt at 10k for the year and was happy with my result. Kath, as well, finished strong as she raced to the top 10 women’s 5k. She seems to be doing better in bouncing back than me lol.

magdalo kathWith Ariana, also top 10 finsher

HP run 10/19, 10k at 44:23 (9km) 
HP runs for the past years have had very good reviews for being well organized. Sad to say, this year’s was a miss. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the 10k route that cut short the distance by over a kilometer. Anyway, Kath finished strong at 55:05 while I registered 44:23. Still deserving of a tap on the back!

HpKath’s mantra pic after HP run. hehe.

I’m happy to say that I’m starting to regain my strength and speed, my body fat also went down, and my overall fitness has improved. And while my current 5k and 10k PRs still stand, I know I still have a few months remaining of my bounce back year. I should be anxious, yes, but if there’s one lesson I learned from this slow, hard work…it’s patience, and it counts. So let’s see how it goes… 🙂

‘Til the next race!

New Year. Bounce Back Year.

Bachelor NO more
Just recently, I moved past yet another milestone in my life as yours truly tied the knot. You read that right, I’m a bachelor no more. And though marrying in this generation and era may have gotten more nays than yays (insert practicality here), it seems to be the trend at least in my age bracket as some of my friends and a handful of familiar faces are either engaged or just gotten married. Nevertheless, I know I’ve been blessed because I “got tied” to a wonderful woman, my wife. 🙂

alphaman1After wedding, up up and away.

You know that a runner will always be a runner, right? Well I guess that explains (literally) why I had been wearing my Alpha 1 race top the entire wedding –call it ‘giving a touch of “runner” appeal’ hehe.

Year in Recap
Alright, 2013 had been a very challenging year. Indeed, I had encountered a lot of road blocks in meeting my goals in running. It was tough yet I managed to get up and move forward even with just small step at a time…while shouting at the back of my mind, “NEVER GIVE UP.” Maintaining my focus somehow helped me to keep moving forward. Let me share to you my fave video where I got that mantra.

My daily music

Back to running
I have little to no mileage as I focus more on reducing weight, lowering body fat and strengthening by building muscles. It doesn’t look like I gained weight but YES I DID! Still shredding some fats and putting on some more muscles. Lately, I’ve been doing a few easy runs, some swim for cardio and stationary bike, sometimes. Looking forward for this year as I bounce back!

Bry_Run_FreeJust playing around the keyboard

Can’t wait to run a race but I think it will be very very soon… Game on,


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