EYE OPENER(how I started running)

I’m really a sporty guy since the day I was born(pwede ba un?). Competitive as ever, name any sport and bet I’ll excel on it. But I’ve never expected that this “simple sport” will push my Demi-God mind and body’s capabilities to its limits.

It was mid 2009 when Kathy and I decided to join a running event. We don’t know how it started, actually, we’re still figuring it out.. haha. Anyway, we registered at the Globe Run for Home 2009 in July. I’m thinking of signing up for 21k at once as i thought this was just a “chicken feed” (mas chicken pa sa Chicken, lol) that time. Since this was our first running event, we decided to run together for 5k. And then come the event, (sorry, no preparations made so i’m jumping to the event at once. haha) I didn’t expect that much runners will join such event. I told myself “ok to ah, pa-stretch stretch pa sila”, I was laughing at how serious these people are with stretching, warming-up, etc. (PEACE! I was not that into running yet).

Then the gun shot fired for 5k, here we go… It was great, though on Kathy’s pace (newbie girl runner that time), it was just like walk in the park for me. After finishing 5k i shouted “that was it? 5k na ‘to? sayang pera ko ah?! ni di man lang ako napawisan!”. I was over confident that I signed up for 15k for the next race(Kenny’s Urbanite)…

Here i am at Kenny’s Urbanite 15km run with no preparations and training whatsoever! I started a good run and I was able to cope up with the runners in front(I stayed infront so I can keep pace with the veteran runners). Confident I was, I tried keeping up with their pace. At around 50mins after start, I noticed that no one ever stopped running to rest (I had my timer with me). Little by little, I realized I was already running behind them…

On the 12th km, that was roughly an hour in my watch,  I had cramps on my left calf. I tried to rest by walking a few minutes; Eye opener #1(told myself not to walk but i did). I started running again but after a few seconds I felt my right calf cramping too; Eye opener #2(never underestimate running). I stopped and tried to stretch just so I’ll be able to walk. I told myself “good thing I can still walk and hopefully I can finish the race”. On my last km I tried running again, then my right halmstring started hurting. So much pain on my legs that I can barely walk; Eye opener #3(Never EVER underestimate running!). I wanted to give up that very moment but I’m thinking of what my friends and Kathy will tell me. Imagine being so over confident before then all of a sudden I won’t be finishing the race? It would be very embarassing for me(sample words would be “yabang mo kasi” haha).

So…I didn’t give up. I Just relaxed for a while then started walking again; This time I didn’t mind the time as long as i can cross the finish line (I have a goal to finish this at 1:15 in the beginning). At last, I finished the race with a disappointing time of 1:47.

Boom! There was a moment of silence on myself at that very moment, I can’t hear peoples’ voices and one thing I know I’m not in my normal state of being (di ko alam nangyyare sa paligid, haha). It was just like the feeling of missing a winning shot on a Basketball match. At that moment, I’m thinking of giving up this sport and never to run again!

It went on for a while and then suddenly I heard a small-toned voice calling my name from afar and all of a sudden it snapped me back to reality. It was my boss (her husband is a runner). As i was sitting in a corner like a “basang sisiw”, she and her friends asked me “how are you doing? ilang km tinakbo mo?” and i told them “15km po” and they asked me “pang ilang event mo na to?” I answered “2nd po, ung una 5km lang”. They all looked at me and shouted “what?! ang tapang mo ha!”. Then I realize I wasn’t that bad after all. I was somehow reborn as a new runner after crossing the arc, and then talking with some veteran runners. It made me think of not quitting anymore but at the same time made me realize that it’s not easy to conquer this sport! From that moment on I told myself, “I’ll train more,run longer and faster!”.

And a new runner was born, me. 🙂

Pic after the run, August 15, 2009



  1. nakakaiyak 😦 ayoko na magbasa nito… nannananaana (as per jm’s music)

    • haha. let’s see.. i’ll wait for your article that says “how i started jogging” haha. :p

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