Against all odds (Greenfield Sunset Run)

I really had a bad flu after waking up the day of this event. We even went to the hospital before traveling to Laguna. I’m having a slight fever, colds and cough. My doctor told me to drink some medicines, take fluids and REST! Of course, that won’t stop me from joining the event. Little does Mrs. MD know that I’ll be running 21Ks a few hours from now. Haha! Anyway, after having my X-Ray and have my medicines taken, off we go to Laguna. Thanks to Jun (RedRunner) for the ride. I had some rest for the whole travel time.

Me with running mates Kathy, BBR, Anna and RR!

Oh, by the way, it’s my first time to wear running tights! I wasn’t really ‘that’ comfortable wearing one – yet. Not because they don’t feel great when you have it on, but the feeling of…you know what I mean. I’ll be running with BBR for 21k. Kathy, Anna and RR will run for 10km and Dex (a newbie runner whose taking the pic) will run for 5k. So off we go to the starting line…

21K-ers BBR and me posing for amazing race shot.

Headache, flu, cough and feverish…these are the things I felt at that time. So I told myself not to push hard and only hoped to finish the race. My running mates told me to take it slow and it’s alright if I can’t finish the race. Not finishing the race??? It would mean a DNF (did not finish) on my belt, and I sure can’t have that on a race with a finishers’ medal. haha! But I feel that my runner’s spirit is high and I think that’s enough to propel my ever-worst condition body to run. Race started on time. By exactly 5:30pm, off we go to a new 21km route. As it was only the 2nd time I joined a night run (Kenny’09 was first), it felt more exciting as you won’t have any idea of what’s in store for you throughout the enitre race. I just started slow and let a bunch of runners pass by me. I have planned to save up my energy for me to finish the race… BUT I guess that’s not what happened! Before I hit my first kilometer, my pace got faster and reached a point where I’m running my 21k race pace (4:30-4:45min/km). Hard headed FFS, I maintained the speed from 4:30-5:30min/km for a couple of Kilometers. I even overtook my old arch enemy “N.D.” at kilometer 5 (we always see each other during races and I think we have the same speed). Bye bye! Lol! I looked at my Garmin Forerunner 405 and managed to get a sub 50 for my first 10k. I don’t feel any pain and I think my headache was gone. I told myself “running lang pala ang sagot eh” haha! So I kept on going and going! Hold on for a second, is that “C.D.”? (N.D.’s partner who is much faster than me) He ALWAYS finished ahead of me during races. As my runner’s spirit was so high and my secondwind is at it’s peak, I ran side by side with him. I even overtook him, leading about 100 meters as we passed by the beautiful rice fields, some dusty roads, with the windy air of the Greenfield City. Hell yeah! I maintained my lead over C.D… but not until kilometer 19. As I head towards the Paseo area (finish line), I noticed one male runner who sprinted and overtook me. Geesh…it was C.D.!! Where did he come from? Should I speed up? Nah! I’m reserving my sprint mode on my last KM! Damn, he was good as he managed to keep up the sprint pace for his last 2kms. I’ll beat you next time C.D. on my best condition. So at last, the finish line! Yahoooo, another 21k medal for FFS! 🙂

Me sprinting to the finish line

By the way, I finished 33rd place overall, 6th place on my division & now have a new 21k PR of 1:54:50…against all odds!

Me at the finish line

Finish line pose. Thanks for the support guys!

Recovery dinner BBR, Anna, Kathy, me, RR and Dex

Nice event. See you on the next race!



  1. Hi Sir, I think I saw you sa PAU. Congratulations on your feat and level up!

    • hey man! i didnt recognized you during the race. 35th place ka eh. lau mo saken. 100th lng ako. haha. lam mo naman, napasubo ata ako. haha. 32k is my longest distance before i joined that event. at 38km onwards, i think it was all mental. bangis mo!

  2. Thanks Bryan! May picture tayong magkkasama habang tumatakbo during the firt part of the race, kasama si Mark H…hehe! I’m sure next time you’ll even be stronger by using the right strategy in attacking the race. Looking at your races, You’re fast man!
    Again Congrats! I can see an ultramonster in the making! hehehe!

  3. Congratulations Bry on completing your first of many ultras to come!

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