I need tires (San Mig Coffee Run)

They said that the life span of a pair of running shoes ranges from 500kms-800kms. The mileage of my current ones reached almost 600kms already. As I haven’t used them since my PAU50k ultrarun event, I still want to try them on one more time. Next race would be the San Mig Coffee run (May 23, 2010).

Finally, race day came. I’m excited about this race as it would be my first fast pace run since the PAU50k preparation and recovery. It started a lil’ bit late (around 5:35am) for 15k. There were around less than 400 15k runners who gathered around the starting line.

All set for the 15k race

My goal is to beat my 15k PR of 01:15:24 and to hit a sub 1:15:00 time. So in this case, I need to hit a 4:59 pace all throughout. Ready, set… and there goes the gunshot. I really felt good at the start giving me a sub 12mins for my first 3k. Yeah. But as I was getting my rhythm, my ipod stopped. Shoot. It was battery empty and I still have 12kms to go. My ipod songs really keep me on a turbo mode while running. Wait, where’s the water station??? I’ve been running for 3.8kms on a 4-minute pace with no water station yet?! It was on the 4th km where the 1st water station was located. I was really drained afterwards and was still thinking if I could still get that new PR goal of mine. Races should have water stations every after 2-2.5kms, but I guess not on this event. Damn! On the 8th km, my time was 40min flat. I was still on goal time but it was also the time when I felt that my shoes weren’t responding as they used to. The cushioning and stability aren’t there anymore and it gave me pain in my knees and ankles. I guess my Nike Equalon 4 running shoes finally gave up! I’ll miss you buddy, thanks for running with me through thick and thin.

Last pose with my Equalon shoes. I’ll miss you buddy.

So I just enjoyed the last 7kms. haha! I finished 57th place out of 387 15k finishers with a time of 1:22:39.

Angel after a 5K w/ boyfriend Vince

Ron & Pao finishing their first 10k. Congrats!

Jp on the last few meters of his 15K race

 The event gave a lot of freebies. Massages, Loot bags with lots of San Mig products: coffe, juices, water, bread and a 50% discount at any Microtel branch.

My buddy Frankie having a massage after his 5k race

Me drinking free cold milk on a very hot weather. Nice umbrella!

Time to have a sauna, steam bath and relax.

Til’ the next race!



  1. kelangan talaga bagong wall picture. 🙂 yey! congrats ang galing! inspired ka sa free san mig products? 🙂 congrats kay kathy!

  2. great run! was nice running into you at that event. never pa yata tayo nagkita nila Kathy after a run :]]

    • Thanks Angel! yeah, never pa ata. Unless you step up to 10k already. hehe! i heard you’re going to run your 10k soon. goodluck there!

      • yeah, will run my first 10K sa Ace Hardware Run on June 27.
        hope all goes well. that’s still a month of preparation so i’m quite optimistic.
        i have to find a new running buddy though 😥
        wala na ko kasabay mag-run after work eh.

  3. sarap magpa massage pagkatapos ng takbo!

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