My new pair of running shoes

If Steve Prefontaine goes for Adidas, FFS goes for Nike. I’ve always been a Nike freak. From sports apparel, watches, sunglasses, bags and especially my shoes. After the breakdown of my old pair of running shoes (Nike Equalon 4), I decided to buy new ones. I thought of if I should go for Nike (again) or try other brands. As my feet tend to overpronate when I run, I need stability shoes and that gives me a limited variety of shoes to choose from. There are more options for Neutral feet, I noticed…

Nike = Equalon or Structure Triax
Comment: From experience, good stability shoes.
Price Range: around 5k + to 6k+

New Balance = MR1225 or MR760
Comment: Very good review. Moderate stability.
Price Range: 5k+ to 6k+

Mizuno = Wave Nirvana or Wave Inspire
Comment: Good Review. Full Stability.
Price Range: 4k+ to 5k+

Asics = Gel Kayano
Comment: Good Review. Full Stability.
Price Range: around 7k+

Adidas = Supernova
Comment: Any brand but not this. Sorry Adidas fanatics!

I bought my Nike Equalon 4 at 6.5k (at 10% because of vip discount at Nike) and I was able to use it for only 7 months. Now that I will increase my mileage or sure, my next pair of running shoes won’t last for more than 6 months. So I decided to go for a cheaper one. Since I always get coupons of 20% discounts from New Balance in races I join, then New Balance it is.

New Balance 760 Stability shoes

I tested my new running buddy and ran 5k last Tuesday and Wednesday(28:20 and 29:40 respectively). Here’s a quick comparison between my old Nike Equalon 4 and my new NB760.

After the test run. Haha.

Scale: 0 to 10 (10 being highest)

Stability: Equalon 9; NB760 9

Cushoning: Equalon 7; NB760 5

Weight: Equalon 7; NB760 9

Comfortability (slow pace): Equalon 8; NB760 7

Comfortability (fast pace): Equalon 8; NB760 9

Overall I think my NB760 is good for me. We’ll this is just for 5k runs. Let’s see how it goes for longer distances.

Let’s go buddy (NB760). Nature Valley 21k, here I come!



  1. grabi…! i won’t spend that much money just for shoes! mahal, hehe.

    pero ok cya bry..mukhang matibay! at talagang may analysis ka pa! haha!

    • with the 20% discount, i only got it for 3,800php. 🙂 good investment naman. 🙂

      • that’s not investment, di naman kikita money mu jan eh, pero yun nga lang nakukuha mu ang contentment, which is mas mahalaga sa lahat 🙂

  2. I got 2 NB and 2 Adidas supernova all of which are performing well… Used NB 850 and Supernova 1 last BDM… hehehe! Nabasa nga lang ung mga yun and I have to change to sandals… Heheh!

    Nice Recap of stability shoes dude…

  3. Nice shooes man, you can’t go wrong with NB =)

  4. haha! i know for sure that im a 100% percent Thomasian. I dunno why these past few years, naging green minded ako. hmm… why kaya???

    • haha! napadaan lang 🙂

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