Lack of training(Nature Valley Run)

I thought after finishing an ultramarathon, 21ks are much easier to conquer. Well, it’s not if you don’t train anymore! I expect to finish within sub 2 hour and might even thought of having a new 21k pr on this race. Then race day came. As usual, almost 10,000 runners joined this event(what do you expect from a Runrio trilogy race right?). Together with kathy, we prepared early at the R.O.X. parking lot. Me running 21k at 5:10am gunstart and kathy running 10k at 5:25am gunstart.

New buddy Peter, me and RedRunner(his first 21k race)

There goes the gunstart. I started strong(as always from my previous races) and do a positive split. This works for me all the time, I think I can shred some minutes on the first half then just continue my normal race pace afterwards. This has always been my strategy which gives me good pr. On the 6th km(29mns, 30secs) I was already catching my breathe, This is not very FFS normal, so I decided to slow down not thinking of pr anymore and plan to hit a sub 2hour. On KM 14, I already feel the cramps on my quads and calves. This is when I lost RR on my sight. I really felt bad thinking I’m too slow. Really not FFS normal for me. I slowed down and decided not to hit a sub 2hour anymore but to still have a decent time of sub 2:10. It was on the 17th km where I hit my “wall”. I was really walking a lot from then! I usually don’t walk on a 21km race(except during the NB2009 race where I was injured). Lots of runners I knew overtook me.  As the sun gets higher and the air gets more humid, I now finally see the finishline. 2:15:26 on the clock. I didn’t even finish at sub 2:15! Whatta shame.

Jun aka RR finished strong at 1:58 on his first 21k

Our couple friends Ababu(forgot his name) 21k and Aba 5k

I need to do my weekly routine and trainings again for me to maintain my usual speed, strength and endurance. I guess this is my mistake. Even superathletes maintain a routine to be in top shape. Oh well, lesson learned.

Thinking of my future running plans

Good job Rio! Very nice event!

Till the next race!



  1. bawi lang dude, ganyan talaga minsan!

  2. Well done, Bryan!!!
    From my point of view, u hv already done pretty well lah!

  3. I think must be the weather dude, 2:15 shoud be fine in that hot weather. I gunned 2:21 in this race pero I was not qualified as a finisher sa official race result. LOL! I lost my chip!

    Still, congrats! see you on the road.

    • Yeah. most probably. frustrated tlga ko after this run. atleast bumawi sa PIDM and freedom run. 🙂

      Hope to meet you guys before or after races minsan.

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