B2B 21K(PIDM & Freedom Run)

Philippine Independence Day Marathon: June 12, Saturday, Fort

This would be my warm up run in preparation for my lactic threshold 21k race training the next day. Kathy won’t be running on this event, though she accompanied me and took a lot of pictures. Lol.

Waiting for the gunshot

Good stuffs:
* It’s our Independence day celebration rolled in a race event
* Singing the Philippine National Anthem before the race

Bad stuffs:
* Narrow runner’s check in
* Same gunshot for 5k/10k/21k
* So crowded starting line
* Confusing route for 21kers(1 loop? 2 loops? 3 loops?)
* No finisher’s medal for most 21kers

Crowded starting line. Can you find Coach Rio?

It seems that there are more bad stuffs rather than good stuffs. This might be one of the worst race I joined. I am really disappointed and I expected much for this race. “WTF guys?! You are sponsoring our Independence Day run!!!” Anyway, on the last part of the race I just did 2 loops which just gave me an 18km distance on my Forerunner 405 finishing it in 1:46:34.

With my 21k medal, or should I say 18?

Ate 2 orders of 2 pcs burger steak from Jollibee and even ate Kathy’s leftover foods in preparation for the next day’s race.

Freedom Run: June 13, Sunday, Greenhills

I’ll be running 21k again after yesterday’s event. This would be my lactic threshold training so I’ll just run in a comfortable pace. Kathy’s running for 10k.

Good stuffs:
* Good 21k route, something new
* Singing of national anthem before race, I love this!
* Early gunshot for 21kers, 5am
* 600+ participants, only 123 21kers, not crowded.
* Good Medal
* New timing chip
* lots of freebies

Bad Stuffs:
* No kilometer markers

It’s my 2nd time to run at Greenhills area, but now I’m running 21k instead of 10k which makes me excited for this event. We passed by a lot of villages which makes me felt like I was just doing a training run. I’ll say the whole 21k route was perfect!

21k finish pose, this is my 10th 21k race. Woohoo!

Out of 123 21k runners, I finished at 26th place with a time of 1:56:06 which is my 2nd best time for 21k. Talking about a training run? Haha!

Weekend Race Summary

After a back to back 18km and 21km(1:46:34 and 1:56:06 respectively) and with no injuries and pain, I think I regain my usual speed, strength and endurance.

2 medals in a weekend. Whatta blast!

I’m back on track! ‘till the next race!



  1. two consecutive 21K’s !? tibay mu dude!

    • hehe. thanks! The only way to achieve the impossible is to think it is possible. 🙂

      • naks! logical cya..hehe. but running 21K in two consecutive days is not far from being possible. u only need proper dicipline and determination, u have it!

        • wrong spelling pa’ko, haha! discipline pala!

  2. Nice one! Galing mo ha, 2 consecutive races in one weekend and at 18 (?) and 21 K. Congratulations!

    • thanks! nabitin nga sa first race. kainis kasi ung loops na un. hehe! anyway, hope to meet you in person man!

  3. yep. i have edited. wow, thanks my #1 fan. haha. lol.

  4. congratulations to you and Kathy for another great finish! 🙂 keep it up, guys! see you soon!

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