4kms of Heat (34th Milo Marathon)

Distance: 42.195k

Target Time: 4:49:00

Result Time: 5:13:44

I was not really feeling good during the race. I caught colds and cough the day before, and was quite sad with the result. As I am writing this, I’m still in disappointment on why I took more than 5 hours to finish my first full marathon. But knowing that my family, friends and fellow runners are proud and happy for me, I guess I should be proud of myself too. Anyhow, here’s a gist of my first full marathon journey…

This is me from the starting line. I was really amazed that a jampack of Full Marathoners from the country gathered here and I’ll be running with them the entire race.

Kilometer 0 – 21km

It was the best first 21km for me. I bumped into this “Japanese looking runner” several times during water breaks. I was really amazed because he was just wearing barefoot shoes (Five Fingers). His name is Edward. Anyway, he said that his target time would be sub 4:30 so I ran with him for entire first 21k. That’s a total of 2hours and 15mins. We exchanged stories about our running escapades until I decided to slow down and said farewell. “adios!”

21km – 38km

Now I’m all alone. I tried to pace some of the runners but it seems that most of them aren’t consistent on their pace. I also bumped into several runners from Cebu and the thing that I remembered them telling me was “Milo Marathon, parang Boston Marathon ‘to ng Pinas”. And it is true, that gave me an extra boost.  I decided to run by my own pace for these entire kms. At this point, I’m still at my target of sub 4:50 marathon time.

38km – 41km

No water from the water stations? Where are the free hammer gels? No more Gatorade? Shoot, it was really hot! At around 8:30am, I’m in my last 4kms when I suddenly hit the so called “wall”. It’s been 3kms under the heat of the sun with no water at all. I really felt dehydrated and burned out. This is the only time I felt when you tried to jog/run, but after a few seconds your body stops. I kept on telling myself “kaya mo yan Bry, run run run!” but it still didn’t. I know from this point that I won’t reach my goal or even do a sub 5hour marathon.

Last km –  to the Finish

As I was walking to my last kilometer, there’s this guy who passed by me. I remembered him as he was recently introduced to me days before the marathon by a friend. I asked for some water and he generously gave me. He told me that he’s really in pain as his feet are injured. To give him back the favor, I decided to walk with him until the finishline. I never thought that he will still sprint or run for the rest of the race because of the pain he had. But suddenly he whispered “Bry, last run. Let’s go?” I was really shocked but ofcourse I said “Tara!” so we ran our last kilometer together. He really gave me a different kind of boost. I know I’m in pain but I am in no position to complain why I should have not run during my last 3kms. Yes I’m really dehydrated but compared to him, he’s in much more pain than I am but he still managed to run. Thanks Erik, I learned a bit of “runner’s high spirit” from this race.


I celebrated this with my closest running buddies Philip(BBR), Anna, Kathy and Jun(RR), who wasn’t around during the photo ops. Thanks guys for the support and waiting for me for hours at the finish line.

Great race!

I kissed my Milo Marathon Medal as I was reminiscing what happened during the 5hours, 13minutes and 44 seconds of running. Well, I say it was tough and hot, BUT…  MEMORABLE and GREAT!

Till the next race!



  1. super LIKE! Congrats! having a goal and determination to reach that goal is the key to success!-lesson learned hee 😀

  2. hey congrats! i saw you on your last 2.5K as you passed by our support station (aNR Alabang). It was nice reading your story. We saw first hand how the 21K and 42K runners were exhausted on their last 3kilometers. A simple sponge, water, jelly ace, water gun/spray, and cheer really made a difference for them. Congratulations!

    • hmm… if i remember i right, un ba ung naglalagay kau ng sponge? di niyo ko binigyan ng water. uhaw na uhaw na ko nun. hehe!

      • ay… ganun ba? hehe. usually kasi we ask runners what they need e. 😀 congrats ulit!

  3. Congratulations for finishing your first marathon! There’s always another time to improve your time, the important part of it was that you finished something not everyone can do, and with honesty and hard work to boast.

    • Thanks Dhenz! it’s still a marathon finish! see you sa next marathon man! sabayan kita minsan para ill improve my time. hehe!

  4. 5:13 is not bad for your first marathon. My first one is the infamous Subic International Marathon. I gunned 5:40:XX. It was a total disaster… No water provision in the middle of the race. The race started a few minutes before dusk so we running in almost a pitch black road. I shouldn’t have consider it as my first full mary. Hehe!

    My 2nd FM was 5:13. two weeks after Subic. Salamat naman at nabigyan ko ng hustisya…

    I’m telling this because I know you’ll do better Bry, You have speed as I can see, infact, as I have mentioned to you when we met, I never gunned a sub 2 yet sa 21K.

    I guess, I’m not really for speed, but stil eager for improvement.
    Congrats and see you on the road often!

  5. congrats bry…see u on the race

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