365 Days of Running (OROFOLS)

Distance: 15k
Target Time: none, I’m a bandit
Result Time: 2:18:58, run with Kathy

It was supposed to be a rest weekend(July17-18) as I’m still in a recovery stage coming from a flu. As the weekend was approaching, I realized that on the OROFOLS run, it’s exactly 365 days since I started running. So instead of resting, I’ve put my shoes on and joined the event. As I’m shy to run by myself as a Bandit (I don’t encourage this), I ran with Kathy as her pacer.

With BBR(Philip) and Capt. Mark

Packed with lots of Lasallians, it was a very smooth run. Overall the event was great!

After the run, I looked back at the things I accomplished for the past 365 days in running. Here they are:

-3 5k w/ PR of 00:25:43
-14 10k w/ PR of 00:51:40
-4 15k w/ PR of 01:15:24
-3 16k w PR of 01:28:05
-10 21k w/ PR of 01:54:45
-1 32k, 1 Full Marathon and a 50k UltraMarathon.

My race bibs, 21k/32/42k Medals and a 50k Trophy

I remember when I was just starting to love running, it was my dream to finish a marathon or even an ultra marathon. And after a year, I never thought I could have accomplished such. I just want to thank the Almighty for giving me the strength, for helping me finish every race I joined and especially for telling me that I can do it at times when I wanted to give up.

Happy Runniversary to my bestbud Philip!

5690_102103967708_509487708_2302142_7793663_n This was taken 365 days ago–Globe Run for Home, July 09

’til the next race!



  1. Happy Runiversary! In one year in running so much have accomplished, bigay mu s’kin ibang medal 😀

    • Sure!!! wag lang ung Milo Medal. 🙂

    • FFS! happy Runniversary, my friend! it’s been a good, tough year of runs from 5k up to 21k for us and for you pushing forward to finishing your first ultramarathon! You’re an inspiration man and it’s tough catching up but I’m not stopping. We are born runners! Who knows where we will be with running 1 year from now! here’s to another great year with longer distances, faster times and a lot of fun in between!

      • Hi BBR! finally, my bestbud commented in my blog. joke!

        yeah, remember our first 5k with kathy and anna? laughtrip right? we never thought to run farther and farther. Look at we now, mahina pa din. haha! joke!

        yeah, i’ll wait you till we finish our full marathon together. better yet, running an ultra with you too!

        whatta year right? more running years to come!

  2. Hey Congrats!!! I’m sure you will take on marathons globally soon 🙂

  3. haha. yeah! We’re all darker but HAPPIER! hehe!

  4. your race bibs and medals are at work?! :p hahaha! what does your “boss” say about that? :p

    • I have my house rules and wala ako nilagay na “bawal race bibs, medals and trophy sa ped” 🙂

      • ayus! 😀

  5. Congratulations on all of your hard work. This blog is really inspirational as I begin my own fitness journey. Thanks for the motivation!

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