Sub50 at last ( Run)

Distance: 10k
Target Time: 49:59
Result Time: 48:38

It was 5 months ago since I ran my last 10k race. Now that I’ve finished several 21ks and a marathon, I don’t know how fast I will be for this distance. My goal is to cross at a Sub50 mark for 10k before the year ends. I guess I finally got it.

Before the run with Kathy, Anna and Philip personalized singlet and bibs on, we are all set and ready to go.  To hit a sub 50, my plan is to maintain a 5min pace per kilometer for the entire distance. I guess that would give me a 50min time but with a dash to the last few meters, I will be able to hit the sub50 time. Then there goes the gunshot. I started my speed with a 5:10/pace so not to burn me out on the latter part of the race. After a kilometer, I sped up to 4:55-5:05/pace just to compensate for the 10secs lost on my first kilometer (I think I’m becoming so detailed here). Fast forwarding the scenario, I’ve hit my 6th km at 30mins. I checked my systems… legs were fine, heartbeat ok, felt great and the weather was cool. With that condition I was ready to set my new 10k PR. Pushing the pedal to the metal, I gradually increased my speed. Without further ado, I crossed the finish line way beyond my goal time.

Out of 1187 10k runners, I ranked 39th place overall and 2nd on my age group. Oh yeah, while going back to the parking lot to get my camera, I saw my 2 Demi-Gods in running. They placed 2nd and 1st on this event respectively.

Coach Rio

Cris Sabal (33rd Milo Marathon Finals Champion)

Overall, it was a great event! Kudos to and more power! Here are more pics after the run.

With new running mate Rolly (left most)

With Capt. Mark and wife Bea (left most)

Long time friend turned runner, Boggs

Gangway! Kathy, Anna and Philip

’til the next race!



  1. Bry, papayat ka tulad nung kay coach rio at C Sabal, baka matalo mu na sila 😀

    • hmm… i’d rather copy his Hairdo bro! nyahaha!

      • ayaw mo ng katawan nila? payatot talaga ung isa…sabagay, ba’t gagayahin mu sila e hunk ka, runner pa, sila runner lang, hehe!

  2. hello kathy (nice to meet you here,hehe!) . yes, number 1 fan talaga ako, always the first to comment :). kung ma copy nya man ang ganyang kulay, mas dbest, may kasama na ako, LOL!

    • haha! nalito nga rin ako bakit “nice to meet u” tall and handsome na, so dark nalang? hahaha!

  3. Pre payatot ka na tignan, ayaw ng girls ng ganyan. If I were you, maglift ka rin ng weights to bulk-up.

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