Longest 21k (Rexona Run)

Distance: 21k
Target Time: 01:59:59
Result Time: 02:23:57 – as expected!

It was my first time to run 21k at the MOA grounds. I wondered how the route would be (I don’t usually check route maps, etc). Anyway, it turned out to be a nice 21k race route! Before I started the race, let me tell you some of the things I’ve done days before this race.

  1. Friday night – work
  2. Saturday Morning – Run Clinic
  3. Saturday Lunch – Redbox with friends
  4. Saturday late afternoon – Hard Badminton
  5. Saturday late night – Dinner with friends
  6. Sunday morning – RACE!!! 😦

I was awake for exactly 31 hours the day before the race, and with no training since the Milo Marathon I really expected a worst time for it. Haha!

Pacing with unknown White “NikeRun” Runner

For me, a decent time for a half marathon for Men should be sub-2 hours (sorry, that’s only for me, no bad intentions whatsoever) so I still focused to hit a sub-2 hour mark. I maintained a 5:45 pace until KM 11 and that gave me an exact Garmin reading of 1:00:00. However, the inevitable cramps got into my legs muscle-by-muscle.

Running with cramps

By the time I hit kilometer 16, both quads, right hamstring and left calf are all cramping. Yikes! I was really laughing at that time and I didn’t know why. Haha! I enjoyed walking a lot of times and looked at familiar runners while they overtook me. Some even said “Hi”.

My “walk” to the finish line

Can you keep a secret? I am a big fan of Jaymie Pizarro aka TheBullRunner. This might be my worst 21k run, but it was also be memorable. Haha! Kathy took the initiative to approach Jaymie and asked for a picture with her (Hope Kathy is not jealous. Joke!).

With TBR and her TBR Magazine

The Rexona run event was great. Though the registration fee was expensive, it was properly organized, there were ample water stations and lots of freebies. Congratulations to Kathy for finishing another 10k and to the other runners we bumped into!

With my usual running buddies

Another great feeling having a 21k medal around your neck

‘til the next race!



  1. wow! longest 21k mo na yan! that’s still fast for someone lacking sleep!

    • hey Deemen Runner! thanks for your comment! yeah, see you sa races! i’ll also include you in my blogroll.

  2. FFS – even when I have more sleep than you, you still finish stronger than me at times! Your stamina and strength is something else. There is obviously a reason why you are called FFS! This was an exception when I finished before you. It wasn’t my fastest 21k but I’m improving once again! till the next 21k man! – BBR

    • haha! di naman! but thanks for that! wow, nagbabasa ka na ng blog ko! improving na nga. lol.

      anyway, keep it up also man!

  3. haha na extra pa ako sir dun sa isang pic ah.. magkasabay yata tayo hanggang kilometer 12 eh..

    • nagmarathon ka pala.. kaya ayaw na muna gumalaw ng legs mo nyan.. haha pahinga lang yan

      • hey man! my actual goal is to finish it without pain, eh ganda ng pace mo so sinabayan kita. kaya aun, napush ko sarili ko kaya nagcramps. haha! its your fault. joke.

        let’s race uli next time. Leg3 32k and QCIM 42k? 🙂

        • haha nakilala kitang si ffs kaya sumobra naman ako sa target ko. hahaha.. sa sunday mas malapit 15k!

  4. it’s definitely the lack of sleep that “killed” your run :p

    I didn’t see Kathy! I ran 10KM also that day 🙂

    • I have friends fcame over rom Beijing so I need to tour them. ako naging dakilang “tour guide” for the past few days..

      Yep, i saw you.

      • Haha, yes, a very good tour guide, the ‘big boss’ behind the scenes…:)

        Many thanks for that!

    • not too far behind me. am 1:22 😀 pareho lang tayo nasa tail end :p

  5. di naman.. pinilit lng matapos. 🙂

    yeah, thanks for approaching her! kahiya tlga ung moment na un. haha!

  6. You did it again bry… you’re a machine!! hahahha!!! Another medal to add to your collections, I bet you’ll have your own Hall of Fame Cabinet to place all those medals… You have made a name of yourself with all these finishes… People are not only proud of you but most of all they are looking up to… Thanks for all those running tips. Keep Striding!!! but always remember good health makes you run better…

    • hey manolo! musta na? anyway, di naman masyado.

      i remember when we trained on your first half mary. hehe! di na naulit. so, kelan naten ulitin? just let me know bro!


  7. idol!

    lesson learned here: walang tatalo sa taong determinado, naks!

    si bry ganyan, inspiration ka sa mga katulad ko bro, hehe!

    • kaw idol ko diba? hehe! nice pic.. gwaping..

      • ewan ko ung comment nya, basta ako, never pa nambola, hahaha!

  8. wow Bryan, you are so amazing!!! I can’t imagine how you can finish this after you did so many things with us the day before…You know we still felt tired after got up around 10am on Sunday 😛 haha

    Anyway, many thanks to you and Kathy for touring us those days. We really had a very good time in Philippines!!~

    • hehe. no problem ting. i hope you guys enjoyed your stay here in philippines.

      Thank you and hope you guys visit us again soon. 🙂

    • Hi Ting, Bry is fit, fast and strong..remember, hehe. He barely gets tired 🙂

      • Hi Darvy, hehe, noted, Bryan is a machine…

        It’s a pity that we didn’t see you this time

        • hi Ting, there is always a reason for everything..probably, it was not the best time for us to see each other again, hahaha!

    • Hello Kathy! Thanks:D We missed the good time together with you~.

      Yes, come to visit us!! :DSep or Oct? haha, actually autumn (Sep, Oct and Nov) is the best season in Beijing. But Nov is a little bit cold…Come to join Beijing International Marathon in Oct! or Great Wall Marathon? When will it be?

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