What an August!

I didn’t register for any running event this month of August. But in relation to running, this month was a blast. Aside from being my birthday month (lol), here are the things that happened for the past 31days.

Bigger but leanerAfter the Milo Marathon, I felt much skinnier. I lost a lot of pounds and wanted to gain them back. I’m 5 feet, 10 inches in height and only 149lbs. I want to be bigger but leaner so the plan was to do more weights, eat more (yehey) but to run more. After 4 weeks, I gained 8 lean pounds. Nice!

Longest LSD(32k) aloneI don’t normally do LSDs on Sundays but rather do register on running events instead. As I need to rack some mileage, I planned a 32k LSD all by myself. It was a successful run. I started 4am and finished it before 8am. I encountered a lot of things during the run. A dog chased me for about 300meters, I came across a running event (Miles for Smiles), ran 3 KMs with Markhernz on that event and bumped into Natasha and Chad Davis (running couple friends). I called this the “3 cities run” as I ran from 3 cities — from Manila to Makati, going to Taguig then back to Makati then straight home to Manila. Woohoo!

New injury, Plantar FasciitisAfter running 50-60kms per week, I got a new injury which is Plantar Fasciitis. It is a Heel pain, under the heel and usually on the inside, at the origin of the attachment of the fascia. I see injuries as challenges, and once overcame, it would make me stronger… and it sure did.

TRRC launch, Fun booth
TRRC stands for Thomson Reuters Running Club, our company’s sole running community. The event was great, new TRRC runners registered and showed interests. More power guys!

First LSD (22k) with Takbo.ph
It was a fun run with the Takbo.ph guys. The group was separated into 6 groups according to pace. It was really great knowing and running with other runners from the community. Thanks Luis aka Gingerbreadman for pacing us. I’ll definitely join future LSDs with them.

New shoes, Asics Gel-1150
I’ve already set my eyes on a few running shoes before planning to buy my 3rd pair. These are the Nirvana6 from Mizuno, Adrenaline GTS from Brooks or the famous Kayano series for Asics. We’ll after trying them on and a few runs on the treadmill, I’ve finally made up my mind. I fell in love with the 1150 from Asics. Yep, it was not from my initial short list but you’ll never know the feeling unless you try them on. Thanks Leroy (Owner of TheBrick Multisportstore in McKinley Hills) for the shoe evaluation. I tested my new shoes from the 22k LSD with Takbo.ph and my only comment was.. YEAH MAN!

First Interval Training
Sorry.. I don’t usually do advance running workouts such as Heat Training, Hill Training and specially Speed Intervals. But after 1 year of running, I finally decided to follow some running workouts. Hehe. I did a 6×300 Sprint Intervals (100meters of uphill) and a 30second walk in between. All I can say is that this workout burned me out! I really need to improve my interval training next time. Geesh!

See you at my next race!



  1. ganun pala magagawa ng additional 8 pounds. haha!

  2. hey ffs! haha baligtad tayo ng problema! sayo nalang extra pounds ko! di ko makita sa takbo.ph kung pano sumali sa lsd nila. pano ka sumali? every sunday ba yun? kailangan ko rin nun eh. bakit 32k? mag marathon ka na ba ulit?

    • visit takbo.ph(running events/news) and takbo.net(running forum). you can find the details there. wala atang lsd this sunday but me and my guys are doing a 16k lsd. you might wanna join. 430am infront of rox, fort. 🙂

  3. a running club. nice! i’ve been lobbying for one in our company. hopefully our wishes will be granted before the end of the year. have fun on your lsd this sunday

  4. hinabol ka pa ng aso ah, great experience yan…mas lalong mabilis takbo mu nyan (magamit lang ang adrenaline sa pagtakbo, lol)

    BTW, just want to notice..u write much good now ah! dami nag-improve, pati skill sa writing, hehe!

  5. mukhang packed parin ang August mo kahit walang running events ah 🙂

  6. Hey FFS! nice August indeed. I finally get to meet the whole gang in the TRRC booth. And we were able to organize our thoughts on more activities.

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