Little by little (FS Run)

Distance: 16 KM
Target Time: Current PR (1:28:05)
Result Time: 1:23:56
When: September 12, 2010

It’s been more than a month since I joined a race event. Now I’m excited to step into that starting line again with a huge crowd waiting for the gunstart. Preparing for a race event is different compared to when you prepare for a training run, right? I missed lining up my race gear (training and race gears are different. LOL), pinning my bib and making sure to be almost 100% during race day. Finally, FS run came…

Me, Kathy, Jessy(sprintingswine) and Angel(runnerchick)

The goal is simple, to run my fastest 16k. Jesy will be running along with me as he wasn’t able to make it to the 16k registration. He just registered for 10k, for courtesy of not being a bandit? Hope you won’t get bored buddy! Off we go.. zooom!

16k race started

I was really in a hyped mode so I started at a 5min pace. At every race day, I always imagine that I’m gunning for a podium finish. Hehe! I guess I just missed running on an event. The pace continued all throughout the 13kms. With no warm up whatsoever, this will be suicide for me. Haha!

Running with the wind

Sure it was, my speed gradually decreased and I felt pain suddenly getting into my legs. My pace dropped to 6min for the last 3 kms and I also did some walk breaks on the latter part. My exact Garmin reading was 16.3km at 1:23:56 after I crossed the finish line. Long way to go to qualify for Milo, but we’ll get to that.. little by little.. 🙂

At the finish line with Kathy and Angel

Good hydration, safe route and the cheap registration fee have definitely made this race a great event. The Fort Striders/MLB Road Race Specialists did it again. Kuddos to you guys!!!

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‘til the next race!



  1. uy pano mo nalalagyan ng running log yung blog mo? haha

  2. i can imagine how much efort did the phographer exert taking those pics in motion, LOL.

    ikaw pa rin ang idol sa running! 😀

  3. Fast… Haven’t tried that kind of speed seriously.
    Keep it up bud!

  4. @Kathy, Thanks pero dami pa ko kakaining brown rice and wheat pasta before magqualify. :p
    @Jessy, Secret. lol!
    @Darvy, tmtakbo din sila. masmabilis pa nga sila. haha. joke.
    @Argo, the ultramaster! thanks po.

  5. first time i got to see your blog. very nice i love reading your entries. take it easy and always have fun. see you in the races regarsds – patrick concepcion / runningshield

    • Sir RS. FIrst of all it is an honor, you reading my blog. You inspired a lot of runners like myself. Salamat po!

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