Test Run (Runrio Leg 3)

When: November 21, 2010
Distance: 32k

14 weeks of training have passed and my last long run would be the 3rd Leg of the RunRio Trilogy – Unilab Run United 2. 2 weeks from now is my 2nd Full Marathon(QCIM) and I just planned to finished the race on an easy pace

Before the race with BelgianBanana and ArmBanded

This would also be the time to test how far I have improved for the past 14 weeks and to test some upgrades on my running gears. Below are the improvements and upgrades.

Calf Compression

First time to use a Calf Compression from 2XU. It’s my calves that usually cramp first so I decided to purchase one. Although I tried a full compression tights from Team8 but it didn’t made a good compression compared to 2XU. I also don’t want to go back wearing full tights. Lol! Anyway, it somehow helped me to reduced the effort made on my calf muscles the entire race. Well, that’s what is written on the label. Harhar!

Energy Gels
It’s my first time to use energy gels(Gu Gels) on races. Hmm… Did it helped me during the race? Maybe or I’m just psyched. Well, that is written on the label too. Anyhow, I took it every after 45mins.

Racing Flats
I just recently enjoyed running on flats as they are really light compared to my normal running shoes. Though some said that you need to run with these more often and make your feet adjust on the shoes before you use them on races. So far, the longest distance covered on these shoes during training is 30kms and I know I can cover 2 more kms on this. After the race, I think I can still cover for another 10kms. Yeah!

Good Training
First time to follow a training program. It went really well and I really felt great during the race. I started at a 5:00-5:15 pace and I rested on 5:30-5:45 pace. I never felt catching my breath and grasping some air on the entire race. I just follow what my body tells me and just to finish it on an easy pace.

Onwards to the finishline

I finished it in 2:51:52 officially(chiptime) and I placed 65th out of 1301 runners. I even still felt strong after the race. I was really happy with the result. Congrats also to my running buddies who finished their first 32k!

Congrats to all!

So far, so good! Taper mode is on…

‘Til the next race!



  1. nice time, blazin fast! congrats.. ang bilis talaga

  2. dude,

    tagal ko na di nakavisit, dami na nag=ngyari sa page na’to..the same way na marami na rin improvements sa running career mo hehe..pati sa mga gears, nag evolved na din..

    CONGRATS sa mga na achieve mo.

    ur an idol, keep it up!

  3. Congrats Bry!!! I’m not surprised that you’ll get a high place… I already saw that in you eversince we were kids, who better to say it than the one’s you grew up with right? you’re determined and dedicated… I know that you can do better and you have a great future in running, my best wishes to you my friend… from your reliable comrade – Armie Yuson ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM

  4. thanks guys!

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