Not that simple (2nd QCIM)

When: December 5, 2010
Distance: 42.195 km

The main event of the year. The much awaited race for me. But wait, our company wide Christmas Party will be held the night before the race! Oh shoot, I’m torn. I wasn’t sure then, should I attend the party or not. Well, it turned out I did.

Night before (more on a few hours before) the marathon

Unexpectedly, on this same event, I was awarded as one of the best managers in Thomson Reuters Manila (our company). I never expected that I’ll be one of them. I was a little bit nervous at that time that I wasn’t even sure which camera to smile at. lol.

Bryan receiving the award

It was a fun filled party with Kathy, teammates, friends, colleagues and some running buddies. Oh yeah, we still have a race tomorrow (or later)! With no sleep at all, I drank a venti size French vanilla coffee. And now I know why I should NOT have done that. Grr..

Together with Kathy, RedRunner, MarkHernz, Armbanded, we finally arrived at QC memorial circle, loosened up, warmed up and stretched. 2nd QCIM, here we go!

The gang

With a good friend Chad

Goal: Slash 1 hour from my previous marathon time 5:13 to 4:12
Main Goal: Hoping for sub4 hours
Secret Goal: Secret.. :p

So there goes the gunshot and as expected of me, I’m always targeting the best “goal”. I maintained a 5:10-5:20pace from km1-km16. I still felt so good not until I got into the La Mesa Dam route. I would say it was really a “Damn” route! Those uphills were killing my legs but I still maintained my pace all throughout the 21.5km turning point with a time of 1:53:26 time for 21.5kms. With no sleep, the much caffeine on my body and the punishment on my legs on the uphills, fatigue finally got into me at km 28. I was really cramping at that mark. I even did a lot of walk breaks and stretch breaks for the next kms.

On my way back. Cramping

At km 32, a running buddy Jun(Redrunner) was waiting for me and agreed to pace me on my last 10kms. At that time, both my quads are cramping and it was already painful just to maintain a 6:30pace. The good thing was, Jun has been helping me a lot during those last kms. He kept on saying.. “IT’S ALL MENTAL MAN!”.

With Pacer RedRunner

It was really a long and tough last 10kms. I needed to maintain a 6:00 pace just to hit my goal though I can no longer imagine how painful my legs were at that time. Should I go beyond 4:12:00 finish? Maintain a 6:00 pace and you will get it!!! There were lots of times when I wanted to slow down. BUT, thinking of the trainings, sacrificing Saturday gimmick nights and parties, I told myself with conviction, “You can’t slow down now Bry!”. Finally, I can already see the finish line. Jesy(sprintingswine) also ran with me at my last stretch.

FFS crossing the finish line

I crossed the finish line at 4:08:01(chiptime). I was able to hit my goal and I really learned a lot from this race. All I can say is that… “To Qualify for the Milo Marathon Finals… IS NOT THAT SIMPLE!”.

With the best support I have

Thanks to Jun for driving us from Manila to QC and back to Manila with no sleep at all too. Hehe! For helping me on the mental part of my training and most of all, pacing me on the toughest part of the race. Thanks man!

Thank you God for giving me a lot of blessings prior to this race. I accept this marathon time that you have given me with my whole heart. I promise to stay humble and always better my best the next time. Thank you very much!

I dedicate this run to You.

‘til the next race.



  1. ang tikas talaga men! solid! 🙂

  2. no matter how serious a man is, no matter what he/she has achieved, there’s always a “child-like” side as this line “..I wasn’t even sure what camera to smile at. lol.” is saying. 🙂

    i know the feeling of choosing between two things which u think are worth attending, but they’re complicating, hirap yun..pero you got to managed! galeng mo dude! (i have commented so much in running, so sa pagpili naman ng priority ngaun, lol)

    you’re an inspiration! hehe

    proving that you really is FFS!

  3. Congrats FFS you are a true warrior! I hope that you continue to remain humble and supportive to your running buddies as well. All the best to you and your future races, may you continue to shatter each PR you achieve and finally coming out no. 1 overall, thus beating a Kenyan!

  4. that was great FFS! congratulations! saw you somewhere along UP that day too. Di naman obvious na may cramps ka na. hehehe. congrats ulit.

  5. wow, see a very different side of you, man. and just know what ffs is:) great job, make me want to run again!

  6. Wow, You’re from Thomson Reuters? Congratulations!! 🙂

    Keep on running!

  7. Hi FFS, thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    May I guess what your secret goal was? Was it there on one of the photos posted on this article? hehe…

    Great finish, strong finish, fast finish, and fit finish! Congratulations to you 🙂 It’s great having a source or core of strength in all your doings. 🙂

  8. thanks thanks everybody! 😛

  9. merry christmas bry! enjoy the holidays

  10. Hi! Just saw your comment on my post about the QCIM. Thanks 😉 Nice blog. Happy new year! 😉

  11. My turn passing through. Great run, pare! Keep it up!

    You might want to try the Cebu City Marathon next year (the 2nd ed is happening this Sunday). Check this out:

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