Bigotilyo (Greentennial)

Date: Januray 23, 2011
Distance: 15kms

I promise myself to lessen in joining races this year and to focus more on just few races so I can train for them properly. Greentennial run wasn’t on my top race list but I think I needed to join(mandatory daw sabi ni Major General). Anyway, I haven’t done a 15km race distance for a long time(greenovation was less than 1km) and my official best for 15km is just 1:15:24 so might just probably set a new 15km PR for this race.

With Argonaut before the race

And we’re off… I really can’t remember my strategy for this race as my head wasn’t on a racing mode that day… or should I say I wasn’t in the mood to run… Just woke up early and told myself “Greentennial na pala” hehe… Oh yeah, I ate an alien food 10mins before the race. It was an oatmeal energy bar, a gift from a running buddy. I felt so bloated and heavy during the race! hay naku Jun… That I can remember! :p

Towards the finishline

Finishline at last… woohoo! Finished 36th place out of a thousand(non-official) with a time of 1:12:19. New PR. Somehow I can’t eat yet(I’ve been thinking of eating 2 piece chickenjoy with mushroom soup the entire race), some of my friends ran 15km too so changed clothes and waited for them.

With running icon Michelle Estuar

BTW, This was the day that marked the thickest beard and mustache that grew on my face ever. Tadan… BIGOTILYO!

Mr. SuaBe. Nyahahaha!

‘Til the next race…



  1. love……is in the air! Indeed, its February, hehe!

    daming kain at wala pang gana yan ha, paano na kung nasa mood?! 🙂

  2. Bwhaaha!
    Im such a fat-ass!
    Congrats dude! Lakas pa rin!

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