First Flight (PDI 5man Relay)

When: February 27, 2011
Distance: 25km(5-man relay)

Yes, you heard it right. It’s Team Alpha one’s first team race event. Click here for more info on Team Alpha1. As we’re all newbies and still aliens about relays, we just wanted to take a sip of what its like joining such event. We only registered 1 group with 5 brave souls(Eugenator, RocknRolly, Sprintingswine, Bandit and me) who knew nothing about relays thinking we haven’t raced a 5k event for a while now since we started running. We also have Armbanded with us in case of emergency. Thanks Buddy!

Bandit, RocknRolly, FFS, Eugenator, Sprintingswine and Armbanded

Some discussions before the race starts…
Eugenator: Panu strategy pag 5k?
Springtingswine: Onga, nakalimutan ko na mag 5k.. di ako sprinter eh!
Bandit: Run as fast as you can and don’t stop until you see stars(serious)
RocknRolly: Cge… (dunno if naintindihan. lol)
FFS: Bahala na. Tara!!!

Checking the route. I don’t want to be lost again. lol

Eugenator will run first, followed by RocknRolly, Bandit, Sprintingswine and me. We asked for His guidance as a team since we were already feeling both the pressure and excitement minutes before the race. Here goes nothing…

The 5-man relay category started late around 6am. Taking the 5th and last split of the relay, the heat of the sun would probably striking at me the whole time. Eugene took off while we wait at the transition area.

Rolly: Shoot. Ako na susunod, bigla ko naihi. San yung portalet???

With a zoom.. Eugene was back, passed the baton and Rolly took off. It’s a good feeling while you’re in the transition area with other team members waiting for their teammates. Everytime a runner’s approaching, the marshall would shout “runner!!!”… and now comes Rolly. Bandit prepared himself as Rolly passed him the baton and off he go.

Jesy: Grabe ang feeling! Pwede bang manuod na lng ako?!

With just a few talks… Jun approaches the transition area…

Jun’s amazing baton pass. (pang professional. hehe)

If i remember it right, it was the quickest transition. hahaha! Kidding buddy. Jesy pressured, he lived up his name as he sprinted as soon as he got the baton.

FFS: WTF! I’m Next!(silent and talking to my mind)

It was already around 7:20am and the heat of the sun was already hitting me while I wait from the transition area. I knew I was quite nervous but somehow excited as well. As soon as Jesy was on sight, I relaxed myself and focused to run my best 5k.

Jesy to Bryan transition

Now it’s my turn! As I held the baton in my hands, I know that this piece of tube was held by four guys who ran their best 5k and it’s my duty to bring it back to the finishline. I was aiming for a sub-21 minute 5k and maintained a 4:00-4:15 pace from km 1-km3. Jun and Eugene waited for me somewhere to push me on my last stretch. It was really hot as the heat of the sun stroke down on me and at km4 I suddenly stopped and sh*t, I can’t breathe at all. Haha. Jun told me to inhale deeply and release it. I thought of our goal.. “Run as fast as you can and don’t stop until you see stars” so I kept on going… The rest of the guys joined me as we approached the finishline.

Team Alpha1.. Let’s Go!!!

I sprinted on my last stretch until i started to see stars. Joke.. haha! But i think i saw some.. hmm…


The team finished its first 25km relay at 1:57:28 and placed 5th overall (PDI Official Results). Not bad for our first team race event. Whew.. Below are the result of our splits:

Eugene Chip Time: 00:21:27
Rolly Chip Time: 00:25:51 (including transition time)
Jun Chip Time: 00:24:23  (including transition time)
Jesy Chip Time: 00:22:52 (including transition time)
Bryan: Chip Time: 00:22:52 (including transition time) – new 5k PR!

Billy ran 10k. Congrats and thanks dude for the support.

Team Alpha1 PDI team.

It was a great day, great event, great experience and great team mates. Congratulations Team Alpha1 on your FIRST FLIGHT!

’til the next race.



  1. wow!!!! solid! hehehe. congrats!

  2. Team Events bring out the best in each athlete because we share our efforts as a TEAM and not race it alone. I Love the “Flight Formation” towards the finish line!


  3. Saya nga ng relay. Sobra lang sa pressure!

  4. Nice! Ako pinaka mabagal! hehehe. Congrats again!

  5. parang flying v noh? hehe! npapakanta tuloy ako.. “we are the champions my friend… and we’ll keep on fighting till the end…”

    Kahit 5th lng. haha!

    • ..we are the champions..–LIKE! hehe

      congrats sa Team Apha!

  6. RELAY’s are super fun! 🙂 glad to know that its back on races!

  7. Wow, lahat sub 5.
    Congrats guys!
    Ang galing, sana makapag-sub25 ulit ako sa 5K, happy na siguro ako ron. hehe!

  8. alright.. Let’s do it again guys!

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