Pacing (Unilab RunUnited1)

When: March 6, 2011
Distance: 21k

Pace = The rate of speed at which a person, animal, or group walks or runs.

You always hear the word “Pacing lng or “Pacing muna” from veteran runners and mostly runners during race events. Yep, I definitely know the meaning of PACE but what does “PACING” really mean? Based from other runners, it was a strategy to run the fastest pace you can hold for a certain distance consistently. As a newbie runner, I never tried to do this on any race event. I usually speed up whenever I want to and slow down when I’m tired. Unilab Run United 1 would be a test race for this new strategy. A consistent 5 pace…

I’m all set

“Pacing lng pacing…” That’s what I’ve been telling myself the entire race everytime i want to speed up. I kept on looking at my Garmin to check and made sure a 5:00 pace was maintained. At kilometer 18, I thought it was about time to speed up (later I realized it wasn’t), so I did.

Few hundred meters to the finish line

As soon as the finish line was on sight, my mortal enemy(cramps) struck my legs again. Haha! I was laughing as I approached the finishline limping. Lots of people were shouting “kaya mo yan”, “konti na lng”… I can barely see the official time at the arc, as if I had lost my 20-20 vision at that point. Then and there I was praying to hit a sub 1:45:00 21k finish. And with just a few more steps, I did.. Thank You Lord!

Super trio pose(Eugene, Jesy and FFS)

I finished 1:44:38(Official Chip Time), my new 21k PR and rank 45th out of almost 2000 21k runners. My super buddies(Eugene and Jesy) waiting at the finish line as usual.

With super couple Chad and Natasha

Team Alpha 1 Unilab Runners

Missing in action ka nanaman Daves! Anyway, congrats to all the finishers! Ganun lng pala.. PACING!

’til the next race!



  1. sana sa susunod eh mahagip na ako ng camera at maisama na ako sa photo-op. hehehe! ang tawag sa ginawa mo eh chillax pace 😛

  2. Wow! Congrats for a strong race and a great time!

  3. Ikaw na ang disiplinado! sa pagkain, sa tulog, sa lahat! hehehe

    Congrats dude! Keep up.

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