Darker (Greentennial Run)

When: May 22, 2011
Distance: 21km
Training: 1km warmup, 33kms @ 5:40pace

13km pre-race run
Here wo go again, another long tempo run needed. I need to hit 13kms before running greentennial 21k distance. I started not too early but not too late. The interval between the pre-race run and the race itself shouldn’t be that long. The effect of that into training have big effects. Let’s say 2 runners doing speedwork with the same speed and distance but they differ with the interval(rest in between), the runner with the shorter interval time maximizes more training than the other. Same goes for long run especially when runners usually take a lot of breaks in between. Yep yep, I’ve been reading now. LOL. So calculated my 13km pre-race run and studied my route. I’ll be running starting from my condo(manila) going to MOA, doing loops by the sea side bay and ending up to the starting line in Aseana. After running 13kms+, I still have 5mins before race time. Not bad, but I wanted more of a 1-2minute interval. Crowd was great, hosts are good(Argonaut and KB.. good job guys) and heard that a running group will be pacers for that day. I looked for the sub2hour pacers but I can’t seem to find them. Ended up running with the 1:55 pacers instead.

21k race
Three, two, one… off we go. I tried to keep up with the 1:55 pacers until km10. I slowed down afterwards as I just needed a 2hour 21k to finish my long run. I really missed the choknat(a local brand of chocolate peanut, it was popular during my elementary years. yum) that marshalls gave to the runners. I haven’t eaten them for years, haha! As I continued running, it gets more humid and the heat of the sun gets hotter and hotter. Km 18 onwards does it all. It is where I was exposed so much under the sun. With no sunblock, you’ll know what to expect.

Few meters to the finishline smiling

My true state during the race. haha!

It was a tough training run and not easy. Whew, finished it in 1:57:24 and didn’t expect that I was still on the top 100. Thanks for the nice finisher’s shirt. Total mileage, 34kms with an average pace of 5:42. Pwede na!

With PandesalRunner finished 11th overall, congrats!

Team Alpha 1, congrats guys!

Daves: “Kangkong is a good post race meal”

While eating breakfast, I was looking at our pictures and deym I’m 1 tone darker!

’til the next race!


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