On diet and running

During the Milo Training(April-July2011), I normally ate any foods I can imagine. From that time on I lost a couple of pounds but I gained lots of body fats! Weird right? It doesn’t mean that if you lose pounds, you are actually getting fitter. 2 months ago I went to the gym to check my body fat percentage and my reading was 17.1% body fat. So what happened to me was I lost pounds of muscles but gained body fats. Check out the chart below.

Where do you belong?

I was out of the “Fitness” classification that time and need to recover asap. I started my workout routine last August and just wanted to do it gradually. From those intense fat burning workouts and dieting, I started to insert those trainings one at a time and started a high fiber, high protein, low sodium, low sugar, low carbs diet… And after 2 months with the inspiration of Chris Hemsworth’s(Thor) body, I gained 2 kilos of muscles but reduce my body fat to 14.7%.

This is not me. God of Thunder at 6% body fat

I have long way to go before I would have a Godlike body. lol. I am happy with the results but it all took toll on my running abilities. With that kind of diet, I really felt weak at my past races. Dieting for the whole weekdays and didn’t do carbo loading, no gels, no salt and no sweets before, during and after each races. haha! Below were my past race events that you might have probably spotted me running sluggish at the almost rear end of the pack.

FS RUN September 11, 2011: I finished 16k at 1:27:14

TRRC Test Run September 17, 2011: I guided the runners finished their 5k mcknley hill test run. Unfortunately, I also led the stretching excercises(Thanks Billy, I have no choice).

AXN Run September 18, 2011: With an outstanding route but numerous flyovers at Ortigas, turtle finish time of 1:59:08.

Camsur Marathon September 25, 2011: The vacation turned adventure out-of-town with the team. This deserves a separate post. 🙂 Finished at 1:48:57. My first sub 1:50 on a diet mode.

September was not just taking slow, It was also my first time to try my Wave Universe 4 Super race Flats from Mizuno. The lightest racing flats ever designed with only 3.90z! I was thinking of doing a short jog with them but as soon as I wore them to my feet, I felt the adrenaline and wanted to do a fast run! The shoes were like telling me “Take me for a Jog?!! Let’s burn some rubber mate!!!”. The shoes are posessed!!!

Pic of these speed devils after the run. I was exhausted but together, we have broken that 3:30 1 kilometer!

That’s all folks!

’til the next races…



  1. I just got my Unverse recently and will break them in tonight with some speed drills… the freakishly light!!!

  2. body fats must be kept to a minimum as much as possible to avoid further health problems in the future. ‘

    My favorite blog page

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