My OctobeRuns 2011

My battle against fat continues and so as my running escapades! Last October was a fun-filled race month as I registered at 4 race events. It was really hard maintaining your running fitness level as you try to lower down your body fat at the same time. Fortunately, I’m getting used to it somehow and it doesn’t seem to affect my running that much compared to last month (September). Let me recall the recent races I’ve joined…

October Running Festival @ BGC
October 9, 2011
21k group event
We have an entry to the 21k group category in which one will be running 21k each. The fastest average time will be this year’s Octoberun group champ. Some of our running friends joined our flock and together Alpha1 MAX team was formed for this event alone. 25 brave souls, one team, one goal… to be this year’s champ. But as newbies to the running world, we were dominated by a group of respected veteran elites and our team was 2 min shy from them. It was a huge gap. We placed 2nd based on the average time but because of unfortunate reasons, it was not official. This day was memorable as I certainly learned a lot. It made me more mature on the other aspects proving speed alone won’t get you to the top. Congrats to this year’s Octoberun Champ! I finished 1:43:27, faster than my target time on a diet mode.

Some Alpha 1  of Team Alpha 1 MAX

Nike We Run Manila @ BGC
October 15, 2011
I was still depressed with the previous race and the only thing that can make me feel better is to run fast. I’m always excited to run an event on race mode rather than just on training. Given the Nike freak that I am, no doubt I am definitely running this on race mode. Goal again was simple, to run as fast as I could for 10kms! I’ve already done a 45min 10k during a tempo training run and thought of beating that would be simple? NOT. The race started at 5pm and it never came to my mind that it would be humid and hot. I finished 25th place at 00:47:39. Not bad for a sub-Piolo finish.

Pic was found after thorough digging. haha!

October 23, 2011
Then here goes Nike’s anti-sequel race event, the Adidas King of the Road. I ran this with my shirt as a support for An easy and consistent pace was the plan and a sub 1:50 finish would do. Finished it at 1:49:42. Good medium run. 🙂

FFS mode

Adobo Run @ Aseana
October 29, 2011
This was not an ordinary night race. You might have probably seen superheroes, vampires, ghosts, anghel na naka brief lng(nakita niyo ba to?lol.) and some non-human runners running around Aseana. These were runners in their unique costumes celebrating halloween. It was my first time to join a halloween race and with no idea what to wear, I thought of just using my newly bought pinoyfitness tech shirt. The route would go around 3 loops so I psyched myself just to finish 3 5ks at 24mins each, good enough to beat my current 15k pr of 1:12:19 during the Greentennial run. It was a cool night and with a flat terrain I’m hoping to finish it at sub 1:10:00. After 1 loop, I checked my garmin and the reading was only 4.5kms. I was really hoping that there would be extended route beyond the loops at the last stretch but unfortunately there was none. I suddenly slowed down at the final bend knowing that it would be a very short 15k and not so good for a PR. Finished it 1:05:17 with only 13.5kms on my Garmin. Anyway, it was still a fun event. Trick or treat!

Kulitrunner, Ms Mars, Kb, Mish and FFS pinoyfitness mode

So those are my October Running escapades with good and not-so-good memories. Well, that’s history and I’m just looking forward this November. I can see a line up of very challenging events!

’til the next races.


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  1. ok to ah, summarized na lang buong month. mas efficient for blogging. 🙂

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