FFS meets HK marathon

I started this year with a small question mark on my face. I still don’t know what would be my goal this year. Would it be breaking current PRs? concentrate on a particular distance?  or start a training season for Milo qualifying. All of those seemed so hard as I mostly focused more on core and weight training for the past few months. But then again, HK marathon was fast approaching so I told myself to finish the HK marathon first then set my goals afterwards.

HK marathon race route

Insane route right? I have no choice, this was booked and planned last year so there’s no turning back. Prior HK marathon, I still continued to focus more on weight and core training and somehow did joined some few races before the big day.

Pinoy Glory 21k; 1/7/2012; With “Last woman standing champion” Olive

Go natural 21k; 1/15/2012; Pacing with Coyote

Post meal after Go Natural race

Subic Intl race 21k; 1/22/2012; Cyborg mode.

With the team at Meat Plus after Subic race

PF lsd 16k; A very accommodating and friendly community 🙂

I only did a couple of 21ks and few 10k tempo runs. No Long runs beyond 21km. I know it’s note enough but I hope it would let me finish HK marathon without injuries. Anyway, it’s my first international full marathon race so whatever my race time result would definitely be a PR(haha. Excuses).

Team Alpha1 arrival at HK international Airport

For full details on pre race escapades. Check Deemenrunner’s link. lol. —> HK marathon pre escapades

Jumping on to the main event. The full marathon gunstart was 6:45am. Assuming I finish it after 5hours(it was my target time), it would be 11:45am by then. The sun would probably rising so high and in addition of a 10 degrees temperature, it would be a mix experience of hot and cold.

A good view of finishline from our hotel window

So there I was, at the gunstart running my first international race. As I set foot on the starting area, I felt like an explorer who doesn’t know what lies ahead of me. Like an astronaut landing on another planet and doesn’t know if its safe to go outside the ship. It’s an adventure feeling!

– Thousand of full marathoners. I never experienced being alone for 42kms.
– Cold weather. 10-12degrees. If the wind blows, you would shiver.
– Super uphill route. It was damn hard.
– Super nice view(City, Long bridge, tunnels).
– Cheering squads. 🙂

Few meters to go

Finished 4:50:17 haha. I thank God that I survived this race without injuries though I really need to train next time.

Team Alpha1 HK finishers. Proud.

It was a blast. Not bad for my first international race. Next would be KL marathon and I hope to be more prepared next time. Also need to set my goals this year. For now, I need to enjoy the happiest place on earth. HK!

Thanks guys!

’til the next race…


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  1. i have a goal for you. qualify on Manila Elims this July 😛

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