Breaking the Sub45 barrier

PATAFA-Philippine Road Racing Leg 2
July 1, 2012

I was then torn whether to sign up for a 21k or 10k distance. I knew I needed the mileage for base building but I also wanted to test my current speed for 10k. I haven’t done a 10k race pace for a long time so decided to register on that category instead.

At the starting line

It was a very simple event with few runners and with comedian-runner Bearwin on the side as a host telling jokes while motivating people to run(nice). The last time I did my 10k best was on a training run during ARC race where we hit sub46mins. I was really “wasak” that time and Martian was there to pace me. Now, I was really thinking of only hitting a sub 46 min and that would still give me a new 10k pr.

Ready, set and go!

To be able to hit a sub 46min was to maintain a 4:36 pace. I was really trying to maintain it on my first km but I really felt strong and light. So I decided to keep a sub 4:30 pace and hoping to hit that sub 45min 10k. I knew I wasn’t prepared for this yet thinking sooner or later I would feel tired and probably would slow down on the last kms. My plan was to do sub4:30 pace and would just slow down if fatigue hits me.

I have maintained my sub4:30 pace and the u-turn slot was on site with still a lot of energy left. I was really hyped knowing that I’m still alright despite of the feeling I would bunk out any moment. But it never happened! Counting the male runners ahead of me, I was on 4th place and 3rd place runner was just few meters ahead of me. By the time we reached the u-turn area, I was just trailing behind him. Checking my garmin and we’re on a sub4:30 pace so it was safe tagging myself to him. I never intended to finish 3rd but hearing his breath getting louder and his running form changing, the 3rd place spot is at reach. But I still maintained my 4:30 pace and sticked to my main goal. As we passed by the flyover nearing the 8th km mark, he finally slowed down and 3rd place spot is at hand. 🙂

3rd place at 8th km
I’m on 3rd place now. Yey! But too early to celebrate, I still have 2kms to cover and podium finish for the 2nd time. I was excited thinking I might able to finish 3rd and at the same time setting a new 10k pr and/or better yet, breaking the sub45min barrier. On the other side of my mind, I was also cautious thinking I might get cramps, bunk out or get mental fatigue then might not even achieved either of the 3.

Last 2 kms
35mins and 30secs have past with 2kms left! If I maintain a 4:45 pace, I would hit sub 45. If I maintain a 4:30 pace, I would finish sub 44mins 30secs. What should I do??? I’m really computing my finish time, what pace should I maintain and checking my physical state at that moment. It felt like I was on a slow motion picture but I knew it all happened few seconds on my normal state of mind. What the heck, I want to enjoy this race so I speed up! I really felt stronger and lighter and I knew I was doing faster than 4:30pace. I didn’t look at my garmin on those last kms as I was getting goosebumps. Nyahaha!

My finishline sprint pic

By the time I crossed the arc I knew I finished 3rd. I looked at my Garmin and it was 44mins and 6secs at 10.04kms! I did a 4:15 pace on my last 2kms, negative split! I was really ecstatic and accidentally almost ignored Bearwin and coach host calling my name. I hit sub 44mins crossing the 10km mark on my garmin. The route was a little bit more than 40meters but who cares, I’ve achieved 3 goals in 1 race event! Yebah!


Due to technical error, the supposedly 2nd place runner was disqualified so I moved to 2nd place. Ayos! It was my first time to podium finish at 2nd place but feeling sorry to that runner. Overall it was a great experience! Thanks Sir Jeff Lo and PINOYFITNESS for the pics and the warm welcome at your booth.

That day opened my competitiveness once again and gave me more hope in achieving my goals.

I’m now 1 step closer…

Thank you Lord!



  1. Congrats!!!

  2. wow. a negative split. way to go. 🙂

  3. wow astig! galing ah! sub piolo! hehe hope you don’t mind if I add your blog to my blogroll, sir.

    • Salamat po sir. Oo naman po, sino ba naman ako para tumanggi. hehe. keep on running!

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