Ending 2012 with 2:15 :(

Merry Christmas (2012) and Happy New Year (2013)!

No doubt that my favorite road distance is 21k. When I was just starting to run, I envy those who can run a 21k and can’t wait then to finish one. After 2 months, finally finished my 1st 21k at KOTR 2009 with time of 2:05:36 and officially a half-marathoner. How greatful I was then achieving a feat and even brags it to friends. Lol. After doing several 5ks upto 42ks,  I knew 21k was the distance I love most!

DSC_1682My 1st 21k experience at Adidas KOTR 2009

3 years have passed and here I was, trying to get back in my top running condition once again after half a year of bumness. I have this thought on my mind that a new 21k pr would be achievable and that would start my year strong.  I plotted series of 21k races below and hoping to lower my time before the year ends.

555709_386790974721921_1070033257_n 07/8/2012 HyperSports run with Marvin, MsMars and KG. 21k @ 1:54:16

image307/29/2012 Milo Elims, 21k @ 1:53:54

bry09/16/2012 Run United 3, 21k @ 1:54:56

 new09/23/2012 Rexona Run as Official Pacer, 21k @ 1:54:50

 bry11/11/2012 NB run post race with TA1, 21k split time @ 1:49:50

 bry11/18/2012 Tetra Pack Run, 21k @ 1:49:17

After achieving 2 consecutive sub 1:50 21k, I have this hope of doing a 1:45 or even a new 21k pr before the year ends. Target race was Milo Finals on December 9, 2012! In less than a month to prepare, I need to stay focus and consistent with my training runs. I was able to have consistent good mileage per week and been looking forward to race day but unfortunately, a slight pain occurred on my left knee a week before race day. I think it’s because of the sudden increase in mileage and speed trainings, increase in body mass and the weekly basketball trainings that I’ve been doing. I applied R.I.C.E for 5 days and hoping that the pain will go away.

MILO FINALS came and I felt good and I thought that my left knee injury was alright. My plan was to sustain a 5 pace and will speed up on the latter part of the race. I was able to maintain it until 8km then I felt the same pain on my left knee. I tried to push myself and ignore it but I felt a blistering pain on my lower leg afterwards. I tried to check what was causing it and found out lately that its my old calf ompression tights.

blog1I removed the calf compression tight that’s causing the blister somewhere.

I think our greatest opponent is Mental Weakness. And for me, it’s my kryptonite!!! With the blister on my leg and pain on my left knee, somewhere around km14 I told myself “I quit!”…. and cry (haha, joke).

483458_460775727318369_284614604_nThe walk of disappointment few meters to finishline. 21k @ 2:15:17

I walked literally for the last 3kms. I was strucked so hard mentally… I guess it wasn’t for me yet. 2013 will be very very hard for me as I’m expecting a lot of challenges along the way that can hinder in achieving my goals in running.

Please God, give me Strength and Guidance. Thank You!



  1. bawi tayo next time bro! keep it up! HAPPY NEW YEAR… 🙂

  2. Just read this 2month old post of yours. We all have our bad days. Hopefully, 2013 will be a good year for you pards.

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