Getting back on track


It’s been a while since I last updated this site, and in the same sense, updated myself in running. I was put into a lot of challenges lately that took its toll on me. I was literally on the verge of giving up, but thanks to my fiancée (yep, I’m engaged…and she’s the best support system in all aspects of my life) who keeps reminding me that  “giving up” is NOT an option.

IMG_4850With Mrs. FFS

Amidst the trials we’ve been going through, she remains strong especially at my weakest. Thankfully, we’re blessed with an angel, my baby girl “Andi” (yep, I’m now a dad…yey!!). That serves double purpose; she’s my inspiration and my protégé, in case I plan to retire from this sport lol.

IMG-20130309-00249Our baby girl’s first photo. My future athlete!

So there I was… gaining pounds of fats during the pregnancy period (I ended up eating all leftovers). Plainly, those were months of no running, including physical activities (gym, basketball, etc) and then there’s my knee injury from Milo marathon race (Dec 2012). My body fats have risen from 12% to 19%, muscle mass lessen and overall fitness level depleted which affected my strength, speed and flexibility big time. Not good news for me and my running goals…

Picture 511Do I still have it and the drive to do it all over again?


Just before thinking of going back to running, I sought medical advice for my supposed “knee problem” I got from my last year’s race. Fortunately, it was only caused by some tight muscles especially on my quads and hamstrings…nothing serious. I went for 6 sessions of physical therapy and felt renewed again.

IMG-20130606-00320Hot warm compress to begin the therapy

Thank God… just recently I was able to break away from this inactive lifestyle and finally do my first training run after ages. My running shoes were literally packed in a big plastic and were placed in a cabinet which I needed to clean as molds started to form (haha). I also finally opened my running box (wherein I piled up my running stuffs) and  felt happy to see my old gears—which brought back memories of a lot of things.

Picture 242My running box all dusty

One thing that made my day and helped me boost up my motivation was when I found my 3-year old Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS watch. All this time I thought that it was dead already since a  Garmin’s lifespan, based from other users, is only good for 2 years.  I just tried charging it to confirm my inkling, but I was surprised seeing that “charging…” notification popped at the screen. So there I got my cue…definitely a good sign.

garmins chargingCharging… whew! 😀


I started out my first training run and to make the long-embarrassing-story short, I managed to consistently jog for 1.3kms before I started gasping for air (loser). I guess the first run is always the toughest. I consistently did training runs for almost 3 weeks and finally got myself into registering on my first event, Botak at Kadla ni Pidol… 16k! What was I  thinking???. lol.

Pic1: PF pic (TBP)

Setting my foot at the event. c/o Jeff Lo (Pinoyfitness)

Of course… being part of a race event got me all pumped up. From the moment I got from the event location, I was already enjoying the feeling of it. From pinning my race bib, warming up for a short run, waiting for the gun start and even lining up for the portalets. lol.

74700_484455698309634_933703931_nc/o D’ Fabulous Running Divas

With only 3 weeks since I started running again, I was able to finish my 16k (1:39:14 unofficial time). This was already an achievement for me compared to when I can barely manage to finish a kilometer. I think I still have it, the drive to get back and do it all over again. Thank you Lord for this gift. It would be a fresh start for me.

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward… how much you can take and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!” – Rocky Balboa

I guess it ain’t over yet…



  1. Welcome back bro! Welcome to being a Dad as well! 🙂

  2. Congrats and Good to know that you’re back in running. 🙂

  3. Welcome back! I saw you ran at Milo 21k too.

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