New Year. Bounce Back Year.

Bachelor NO more
Just recently, I moved past yet another milestone in my life as yours truly tied the knot. You read that right, I’m a bachelor no more. And though marrying in this generation and era may have gotten more nays than yays (insert practicality here), it seems to be the trend at least in my age bracket as some of my friends and a handful of familiar faces are either engaged or just gotten married. Nevertheless, I know I’ve been blessed because I “got tied” to a wonderful woman, my wife. 🙂

alphaman1After wedding, up up and away.

You know that a runner will always be a runner, right? Well I guess that explains (literally) why I had been wearing my Alpha 1 race top the entire wedding –call it ‘giving a touch of “runner” appeal’ hehe.

Year in Recap
Alright, 2013 had been a very challenging year. Indeed, I had encountered a lot of road blocks in meeting my goals in running. It was tough yet I managed to get up and move forward even with just small step at a time…while shouting at the back of my mind, “NEVER GIVE UP.” Maintaining my focus somehow helped me to keep moving forward. Let me share to you my fave video where I got that mantra.

My daily music

Back to running
I have little to no mileage as I focus more on reducing weight, lowering body fat and strengthening by building muscles. It doesn’t look like I gained weight but YES I DID! Still shredding some fats and putting on some more muscles. Lately, I’ve been doing a few easy runs, some swim for cardio and stationary bike, sometimes. Looking forward for this year as I bounce back!

Bry_Run_FreeJust playing around the keyboard

Can’t wait to run a race but I think it will be very very soon… Game on,



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